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Moxy / Moxie

ˈmɒksi/ noun / N. AMER.informal

1.force of character, determination, or nerve.




If Marc Bolan and Debbie Harry had a lovechild, she might sound a little like Mz. Moxy. Moxy is an American singer, songwriter and musician who currently resides in London. Born and raised in New Jersey, she is a shameless anglophile - and attributes her affliction to the following elements:


1. The early melodic discovery of Paul McCartney and Wings.

2. Crushing on John from the English Sci-Fi series “The Tomorrow People” which reran on American TV during her early childhood.

3. Twiggy the fashion icon.


In 2014, Mz. Moxy was signed by Alan McGee (Creations Records founder) to his new label, 359 Music, which is working with Cherry Red Records to release her music.


Moxy specializes in short, catchy, retro-flavored pop songs with a groovy beat. Lyrics are tongue-in-cheek, sometimes naughty, sometimes dark. Gibson guitars, Vox amps, Hammond Organs, tambourines and the occasional hand clap are all part of the sound. Gogo boots and 1960s mod mini-dresses are worn at all times.


Mz. Moxy is also the vocalist for the international anime hit Ben 10, which is seen in 187 countries, and 86 million homes in the United States alone. Moxy is apparently on former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s ipod as well, as he revealed during his last year at number 10: (


While living in L.A., Moxy self-funded her LP with a harmless hustle - suing her friends (and being sued) on television court shows. In clandestine cahoots with her partners in crime, Moxy endured the wrath of Judge Judy and a few other robed overlords for a good cause - a well-produced LP. The shows would pony up the judgement amounts, and gavel by gavel, the recording came together. Moxy also won $10,000 on a  TV game show called “Cram” (,  featuring physical challenges performed after sleep deprivation. Although she collapsed in the human-sized hamster wheel, Moxy did win the cash and was able to pay for the rest of the recording without incident.


Other career highlights include: photographing Bill Clinton in the hysterical throws of laughter at the “BILL IS ELVIS” badges she and a friend were sporting (,  carolling her Christmas song / Duran Duran cover “Hungry Like The Elf” on Simon LeBon’s doorstep (, and best of all, the mutual admiration of a very special young fan named Super Dylan David. In 2009, Moxy jaunted out of the sunshine for good. She is now Vitamin D deficient, but happily writing, snacking on Maltesers and making music in the rain.

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